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A podcast about the Grateful Dead and their missing and murdered fans. One of the most iconic bands in American history, “The Dead” as they’re affectionately called by their fans—self proclaimed “Dead Heads”—have been dogged by a darkness that has followed the band since its inception and despite the Grateful Dead’s ethos of peace and love and communal music, this darkness has led to the murder and the disappearance of some of the band’s most dedicated fans. Hosted by popular podcasters Payne Lindsey of Up and Vanished and Jake Brennan of Disgraceland, this podcast combines the distinct storytelling styles of both Payne’s investigative style and Jake’s single-voice narrative style. From Tenderfoot TV and Double Elvis, this is Dead and Gone, a long, strange, deadly trip.


Secret Memory

Why have so many fans of the Grateful Dead gone missing or been murdered? Is there a connection to one of the most iconic rock bands of all time? And also, just who the hell...


A Guy Named Bo

Two fans of the Grateful Dead wind up violently beaten, shot at close range and murdered. Did the wrong man go to prison?


The Human Condition

Is a confrontation between two Deadheads related to Mary and Greg’s murders?


Out Come The Wolves

Over three decades after the Berkeley Marina Murders Robert guides Payne towards other deadheads in an attempt to chase down uncovered information and untangle the cobwebs of a close-knit community.

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Double Elvis

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